24 May 2013

'Chapter 13: Flux ...' @ The Freeform Collective

I got some work up at THE FREEFORM COLLECTIVE.

The theme for this month's submissions was FLUX.

"Flux. The action or process of flowing. A constant or frequent change; fluctuation..."

I submitted writing, artwork and music.


"Flux Duppy lions a carcass. I climb on her shoulders. Slightly hunched as it’s a tiny room. Telephone with plastic cups for a receiver. Holding my voice with my other hand. Walking the distance up to Flux Duppy’s mouth. She disappears into rope. She jabs time. Beleaguered, I down my throat into her eyes. She becomes thinner. The sword goes into the sword, further deflating her. She slinks away, fingers glued to her head. Shrinking to the size of a search lamp. Flux Duppy running toy trucks past the bedroom. Flux Duppy slinging gin across my mouth. Flux Duppy’s hand dragging a red glint across the sword. The cat comes in. Crawls onto the sofa bed. Hops down, up and into my larynx. Flux Duppy shrinks words by my neck..."


15 May 2013

"CATCH THE GLINT AND GLARE OF THE LIGHTS OF MANHATTAN; IT’S A NICE LITTLE THING" @ Housefire Books + "Organic Unity - The Mattress Grave Movie"

"poetry usa I’m coming for you with my prosthetic leg + apple seed cider + fake moustache I’m gonna hide out in your hedgerow + light a slim pack of winstons on fire + then huff in the tobacco smoke from the cigarette bonfire

poetry usa I’m gonna firstly switch off your dead lights + sprawl all over the settee, to + fro eating a milk cookie off the side table – how do you like me know?

lol poetry usa you amuse me with your serious aversions to the sea, a neurosis within that’s almost malevolence, I’ll wander back to you + brb with you + hope that you begin to exist solely on air + not applause..."


21 February 2013

"Artwork" @ Brandon Stroud's Website.

Brandon Stroud saw some of my artwork in Computational Acid and got in touch asking if I would submit some similar artworks to be featured on his website.

The selected pieces can be found HERE.

Here's an example.

'Faultlessness And Or Moral Purity'

13 February 2013

"Expressed In Decibels" @ Lit Mixtapes

"hello. LIT MIXTAPES about people listening to new music. it is maintained by dave shaw. it is sincere...."

My submission can be found HERE.

Here are the liner notes I wrote for it:

"1) Just A Touch – AlunaGeorge: This tune, yes this tune. I like how it is a guest in my home, especially as a guest of this type doesn’t do little sounds, but keeps an eye on things in general. I grew up on the edge of a forest. The pine trees there never made me feel honest. This song is the opposite of that feeling, whatever word would suffice to describe that. Tramps (I know it sounds very quant), but tramps would always sleep in the forest, rough, uncultured, these compatriots were my teachers. This tune is a teacher. It slides along in a well-oiled groove. It’s like a stranger rubbing their oily cheeks on your face.

2) Slowine – Schlachthobronx: It certainly seems like there is two pretty little men jiggling about in my ears. Most brains sometimes think it’s easier to love without responsibility, but why, we have walls and revolutions always digging away inside us. This tune has an old face, one that lights up and cackles. How high? How do we make the suggestion to get high? Pass me half a grape and I will show you the shadow of the buildings opposite. This song has those type of revelations attached within it.

3) Grapes Alla Vodka (Salva Remix) – RL Grime: In dub music, or anything of an experimental nature, the holes and corners of sound always rush in. BOOM – sound, you’re suddenly aware of unsuspected heights and the depths of human life. Your arms folded behind you. Your toes are digging the gravel. You are worthy, yet at sea. Precious litterateurs must eat more pencils!

4) Murda Sound – Munchi: Others would have us believe that bitterness is dangerous. Bitterness is perfect. The world is perfect. EVERYTHING happens here. There is deep significance if you stand alone in an old gateway. This song backs all this up. Stalk this type of music, seriously, stalk it in the street, beckon this music to come inside your abode. Invite it upstairs. Wear tartan plaid because the tune made you do so … and don’t be ashamed. Album covers do not exist anymore, and rightly so. What you should do is print out the JPEG on felt paper, batter it with rolled up old conventional newspapers and frame that gibberish behind glass. My God! Chaucerian ART….

5) Error 808 – Logos: The first time I heard this song, within minutes I was handcuffed, shutting my eyes, listening in, all exquisite, pathetic, entrancing. However, the magic of the music business was a matter of fact, it was a steady, prosperous establishment that didn’t let tunes like this live, let alone breathe and fly away. These musical artists lead good lives, they keep away from evil, but for some reason, they’ve never actually been in love, although that is a necessary staple of all pop music. The infernal things die of inanition; you need to allow this music a life, Life, LIFE… Let it fucking live.

6) Ruby Lee (’74 Version) – Fritz Kalkbrenner: A game-changer that did not spoil the game. Do not spoil the game. Get game. Become the game. Make people think you are existence. A glass of water is not an outlook on life; it is potentially not even a drink. This tune is like the glass of water. It exists in a supreme degree of watch-keeping, a subconscious sense of responsibility, four hundred pounds, twenty eight chambers, thirty eight years, a life sentence. The bunk bed is overturned. Do not sleep in overturned linen.

7) Summer (The Remix Nopony Asked For) – Griffin Village: Music should be swinging from the crypt, not some phoney ornament on a hill. My ears, after hearing this, always get engrossed in whatever’s happening in the distance. Today someone has quality glass cleaner and a kitchen towel. They’re cleaning the windows on the apartment opposite. Revolutions produce lightning, they even allow for destructive radicalism. My crotch, his fingertips and his cigarettes while lifting his knees. He swings a shorter haircut, but that’s irrelevant these days. Pattern’s hiss and I drink the fountain water. Something’s speaking in my stomach, motionless. Time travel and then spindle in slow motion. Hit the train station and then the cinema.

8) Down The Line (It Takes A Number) – Romare: Clouds. Smoke and possibly flame could be included under this heading. We have all looked up at the sky on a summer’s day or thundery evening and imagined seeing all manner of animals and objects created in the cloud formations, a great childhood game that encourages the imagination. With a little more motivation, this can lead to other images being created that are not solely visual and could be used to do it. Not today though, today I’m conducting research while wearing a laboratory coat. I haven’t seen your neck since last Tuesday. This is the soundtrack to the lab experiments. Not tonight my dears … just grab a cigarette and light it.

9) Dougou Badia (Feat. Santigold) (Kennie Takahashi Alternative Mix) – Amadou And Mariam: This song flicks a butterfly knife and slices the shroud of perfection right open to reveal a dead body. The rhythm unwraps the body from the shroud like it’s opening a present on Christmas day, all furious-like. The body is completely naked. When I hear this song I don’t know the order of things. What’s this photo? Things like that. My trousers have kisses on them. This song would’ve come with a magic mirror, but life isn’t always like that. To familiarise yourself with your “magic mirror” create literature that is solely visual and can be used to send coded messages. Look I’m not sure how you would do it exactly. You might have travel sickness.

10) Scarlett – Velvit: Music is illuminated. You deliberately leave the light on in this photo booth. You can over-evaluate to protect yourself from the night. This tune is smoking. It’s an occasional sunny day. The beat is a house fire inside a glass ashtray. It’s a whole heap of good commotion, such strange rasping rhythms in the moonlit sky, lit clouds, fast food joints, late night supermarkets, liquor stores and the people are haunted. Ghosts? Not exactly. I’ve been here and heard something snarling behind the veil of this music. Voices in the door. Dress yourself for work and catch yourself a couple of times dancing to this tune.

11) Living Together – XXYYXX: Lastly cigarettes are placed in the pocket of this jacket. Some sexual stupor to comprehend. You’re face down in a plastic bowl of noodles, beef flavour. A card table, the band leader is standing over the table. He opens the book, rifling through the pages. Photocopy room. You close the top of the photocopier with one hand. The light from the photocopier lights this face. The music draws on a cigarette. You look behind yourself and then cheekily draw again on the cigarette. You grin to yourself. Beat … Beat … BEAT … Photocopied pages spread loosely on your thighs. They’re also all over the seat next to you. Respectability. Employment. Mixtape...."

04 February 2013


"Gayng, the queer literature journal for experimental poetry and prose. edited by Nathan Masserang and Alexander Seedman..."

I got a short piece in the innaugral issue of GAYNG.

My piece is called: 'The Hyphy Of Orpheum...'